Friday, August 13, 2010

Reality bites until you throw some cartoons into the mix

Wouldn't your world be more interesting with a couple of cartoons stirring things up? Well if you don't expect that to happen while sober, check out Josama Madera's work at Collective Consciousness in DUMBO (10 Jay Street, Suite 605, Brooklyn, NY) through August 31st. You can't get any closer than this show to see Gary Coleman dressed in an Alf costume (remember the show "Alf" 80's peoples?). Also where else would you see Speedy Gonzalez jumping a subway turnstile huh?

For this and other pics from the opening reception, visit:

Josama's painting technique can be described as 'rough around the edges' where a fair amount of dry brushing creates a cray-pas look and feel. It is quite interesting and shows how versatile oil paints are. With this technique Josama uses, he enhances the feeling of the streets.
It's not pretty, it's rough and tumble and may not always be that pleasing to the eye, but that's the world you are in for it's up to you to survive.

In the world Josama created for the viewers, he makes it more enjoyable place to be...well maybe not so much. In bodegas, subways, on building stoops and street corners, Josama includes the imaginary characters children in these environments escape to via their television.
There is no divide anymore in Josama's work: real and fantasy collide in an amusing and sometimes disturbing way.

In one painting, there are Care Bears passed out in a subway car. In another Mickey Mouse looks to be falling down the stairs after drinking too much. A shoot out in front of a store involves Bugs Bunny in another painting of Josama's. Then Tom from "Tom and Jerry" is wielding a knife above the head of Pink Panther.

Seeing his work was certainly an experience. His work is fun, disturbing, rough, affordable and certainly memoriable. Check it out if you can either by visiting the gallery or visiting his website (

Peace out.