Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Do you feel entitled to 'connect' with art?

So just a few days ago I decided to wander around the Lower East Side for a bit and check out what the gallery/art scene is in that area. I'm very much used to galleries in Chelsea so I went to  LES with a map and an open mind.
Overall, I saw work that certainly had me questioning

What can be considered "art"??

Someone recently asked me, "What is art to you?" I've asked myself that for years and it usually comes to mind for me when I experience artwork that I don't connect with. Its creation is still art because what art to me is the creation of something that didn't exist before from sculptures, writing, music, cooking, computer programs even. Each of those, and others, uses different tools of the trade to create something out of nothing.
So with the works I saw that had me shaking my head, yes,  that's art. Whether it's worth the price being asked for it or worthy of valuable gallery wall and floor space is up for discussion. That is what makes the art world interesting.
I feel that as an artist

I 'should' be able to connect with other people's creations.

because I create myself. I'm a painter/drawer so I know the experience of truly creating a piece of work by combining the tools of a blank canvas, brushes, paints and an idea. I honestly felt that some of the work I encountered, left me shaking my head. Seeing two pieces of wood for example, attached to make a right angle and painted turquoise is personally, um, not my cup of tea. I seriously thought it was something left behind after construction of some sort, but in fact, it was on the price list. The creation of it and the agreement of showing it at a gallery space was not up to me. I'm just a bystander and those involved in those decisions saw it as worthy to be shown and to be worth several hundred dollars.
Though there will always be people that don't get it, love it, or don't care for it.  That experience between the outside world and your creation is another aspect of art.

Art can make us feel, be it inspiration or frustration.

You and I complete the piece.