Tuesday, August 17, 2010

His work is beyond just painting "stuff"

Ever walk into a room that was no longer lived in, say in an old house, where it still felt like a presence was there?

Can you imagine capturing that feeling in a painting? Matt Klos is capable of doing just that.
"Baltimore based painter Matt Klos paints familiar spaces caught in the act of existing". Press release

When moving his family into a house that had already been part of the family's, the option was presented to toss anything that wasn't needed. Most items that weren't being used were moved to the basement which has enough room to serve as a studio for Matt.

The initial glance at the postcard promoting the exhibit first struck me as stuff that he painted. Stuff put in a basement or garage somewhere. Instead, there was an experience awaiting me once I entered the gallery.

His paintings managed to have soul. 

My brain wasn't trying to figure out context or try to make sense of what it was seeing. Looking at the work was an experience that brought my mind to a place where no thinking was needed.

"Treasure Chest" (c) Matt Klos http://www.mattklos.com
His oil paintings in the gallery ranged from small to large which provided a balance of being up close to a work or being a few steps away. The small paintings were about 4'' x 6'' and larger works of about 19'' x 30''. The surfaces used for his work included panel, linen, museum board, cigar box lids and copper. Each had this air about them that you weren't alone.

The viewer wasn't just looking at a painting of something but rather experiencing it (I know right...how many times am I going to say that). How did he do that? I think it was because he was painting things that had a personal meaning to him.  It wasn't just stuff. If the objects could speak, they would have a story to tell. Each has a past and had a purpose. Matt is skillful enough to capture that essence in his work. Very well done.

Check out the work on Matt's website http://www.mattklos.com  to see more of his intimate work.

Matt Klos' "Keeping Things" exhibit on view until August 21st, is at the Prince Street Gallery located at 520 West 25th street, 4th floor.