Friday, August 27, 2010

Exhibit wanting to turn street lights into stars is up, but did it light up visitors?

Given how I was working on a constellation series about a year ago, I was assuming James Holland's application of constellations in his street photos would evoke some meaning. Shame on me for having expectations!

The photographs of city lights were beautiful and simple on their own. However, the "connect the dots" aspect of the work made it seem immature. The result just looked like an extended glares from street lights. James' created the lines by drawing on a glass clamped to the camera lens. Interesting technique.

Even though the end results weren't moving, as a New Yorker, the purpose of this series of works is not lost on me.

(c) James Holland "Would You Asterism"
"Without the opportunity to see natural constellations, he would link streetlights together in his mind, turning an ordinary view into something fantastical" Press release

In cities like New York, it is difficult to see the stars. The only time the city goes dark is if there's a blackout otherwise, people's windows, cars, billboards, store fronts, etc are always lite up. Street lights and city lights illuminate surroundings instead of the stars or the moon.

If have seen the exhibit as well, feel free to share your thoughts.

Envoy Enterprises is located at 131 Christie Street. Lights will do dark on "Sky Lines" on August 28th.