Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Strokes & Big Quotes at the "Big Picture" Panel @PJFA (Priska C. Juschka Fine Art)

Folks, this is one cool exhibit. It will be up until August 6 so I hope you get a chance to see it. You can preview the works on display here:

A Little Bit About the Gallery:
The former Williamsburg gallery, founded in 2001, has been in Chelsea since 2005 at 547 W. 27th Street on the 2nd floor. 

"...the gallery wishes to create a continuous dialogue with both the local and global community." 

That can be seen in the works in its current show that addresses issues related to the economy, family, entertainment, being human, music and other topics.

The Panel:
The panel discussion was lead by David Coggins who is a contributing blogger for leading culture magazine Interview.

The curators of "Big Picture" Tom Sanford and Ryan Schneider (who also have work in the show) were joined by fellow exhibitors Kamrooz Aram, Liz Markus, and Lisa Sanditz.

The questions asked by Mr Coggins were from artists and non artists who he emailed for suggestions prior to the panel. It offered a nice mix of technical and personal insight into the artists work.

What work do you have at home?

Most of the work artists have on the walls of their homes are done by their friends. Obtained either as gifts or as part of an exchange.

Tom claims to have over 50 pieces of art which drew "Wow's" from the audience of about 40 enthusiasts.

For Kamrooz, friends of his that aren't painters usually are photographers so he has works of theirs on his walls. Also he likes to pick up early works of artists as he takes an interest in seeing how their work changes over time.

Liz mentioned that she has a self portrait a friend of hers did while they were in grad school together. (Liz went to Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia). She also has images of dogs and horses.

Are you a "starter" or a "finisher"?

This question was brought up by Lisa who admits to being a "starter." She described the difference as follows: Starters enjoy the hammering it out part. Getting that blank canvas to start to take shape. Finishers have a harder time starting (I'm a total finisher then) and are fine jumping into it once the foundation is in place.

Tom put it this way: the first 1/3 of the painting is exciting and fun, the middle 1/3 is a strain as reality of how much work is left to do sets in, and the last 1/3 is fun again. Tom's a finisher. He adds that being a painter is a pain because it's such a slow medium. As rewarding as it is, I couldn't agree more.

For Kamrooz, it depends on what he's making. It's either a method of plan/execute or build as you go. He considers a painting to be finished once the artist stops painting it. Well yeah. His timeframe for a painting is spending about 6 hours at a time on it though months can go by before it returns to a painting to complete it.

Liz is a finisher. Similar to Kamrooz, she either knows what she wants to paint before she starts painting or she knows the process she wants to take. 

Ryan is a finisher as well (Score: Finishers = 3, Starters = 1, Kamrooz = 1). He finds the start frustrating (I hear ya) with the whole needing paint to dry stuff. The great experience/feeling comes from completing the work.

Does your work end up as you envisioned it or does it change along the way?

For Ryan, the idea is usually set in mind. Tom put an interesting spin saying that art is one type of documentation that is allowed to be correct. Very good point. It can stir controversy but noone can argue that the artist's view is incorrect.

To be continued with the artists thoughts on:
  • Your thoughts on the divide between ideals and evidence. What you want to convey versus what you see.
  • Inventing work with its own internal logic or leave something for the audience to grasp?
  • Do you have more in common with conceptual or abstract style?
  • Do your paintings surprise you?
  • Discuss source material as it relates to your work.
  • What musician or band has influenced your work?
Other Artists in the Show Include:

Colleen Asper, Paul Brainard, John Copeland, Holly Coulis, Justin Craun, Van Hanos, Daniel Heidkamp, Aaron Johnson, Emily Noelle Lambert, Wes Lang, Eddie Martinez, Brian Montuori, Michael Williams and Jeremy Willis